I am a 30-year-old woman. I run a house – probably in many aspects traditional because I love to cook, do laundry, cleaning, shopping, vacation, bills and various home repairs must also be arranged and arranged.  Recently, I have become a mom. I discovered this new role and the practical implication of having a baby for home finance.

I am a woman who is financially independent. Earned for my money since I was still in high school. My “work” was combined with day studies. Professionally, the “financial industry” turns me on and I have been working in financial institutions for years. In recent years, I have been involved mainly in credit and financial risk management and financial products. I have insurance, banking or investment experience with both personal and corporate clients. From here I can confidently say that I know finance from the kitchen. I am also a manager for many years. I manage, motivate to act and develop personal people and teams.

I have been writing and analyzing expenses for a dozen or so years. Although this awareness is sometimes painful, it has allowed me years to accumulate experience and year after year to better plan. Plan how much and what we spend as a family and as a woman. I like to have the savings to feel safe on the one hand in the event of unforeseen events and on the other to have the freedom to make choices that match my values ​​of life. When it comes to retirement – it’s like the principle of “count on myself”! … Count on your skills, knowledge, and actions – invest, multiply and secure yourself with financially secure life and retirement.